Testing the Waters….

As the summer draws to a close and I get ready to begin another year as a teacher I wanted to think about some goals. I just finished my Masters in Instructional Technology (yay – go me), still have lots of work to do on my (85+ year old) house, would like to get back into my crafting (jewelry making & using my brand new sewing machine that I just bought). AND as I think about those goals, I think about all of the fun I had in the kitchen over the summer creating new dishes (my boyfriend looked forward to coming home from work every day).

Many people (friends), after viewing my facebook album that I was constantly updating with food photos told me that I should start a blog (or get my own cooking show). I didn’t think that I had what it took to do it, but now the school year is starting & we make our students make goals… SO ~ I think that my goal is going to be to continue to have as much fun in the kitchen as possible while doing the 9 million other things that need to get done and also to start blogging about my cooking adventures!

edible arrangement

Many thanks to http://foodgawker.com for being such a huge inspiration to me in making me want to start this blog – I have spent many an hour this summer looking through this site & other people’s blogs (which I will try to mention as I develop my own)!

… this fruit arrangement is one of the first things I created that made me really think that I could create food which not only tasted great but with a little bit of effort looks amazing too!

Here goes nothing!


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