Gourmet at home

I wanted to start off with one of my favorite meals that Rich & I created over the summer. It all started as a normal busy weekend day and by close to dinner-time we were just sitting around doing nothing. I decided that we should have a “date night” and off to Wegmans we went to buy sushi fillings (I already had the rolling mat, nori, wasabi, etc). About $25 later and we were home (I know we could have spent about the same amount going out to sushi – but what is the purpose of loving to cook & create food if we just go out, AND we would not have had nearly as much fun!

I knew we would be very hungry by the time the rolls were finished, so I started off by creating (I love when I have no idea what I am doing and just come up with it on the fly) a starter salad of Asian Lettuce (which happened to be in the fridge that week as I was experimenting with different greens all summer). I then looked at our sushi ingredients and made a dressing of sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, & soy sauce. I placed them into some dishes that my parents had received as a wedding present (years ago) and had “re-gifted” to me when I moved out, sprinkled it with sesame seeds & off we went.

"Sushi Salad"

Side Salad for Sushi

Then it was time to create & enjoy our sushi – here is a close up of our creations…. from left to right they are:  Tuna Avocado Roll, Smoked Salmon Cucumber Avocado Cream Cheese Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll (homemade “spicy” sauce on top), Crab Avocado Cream Cheese Roll, & Avocado Roll

close up of sushi


Sushi Tray

overall table setup of sushi

We were very impressed with our final product. This meal is probably one of my top 5 that was a “wow” show-stopper so far (from the summer) which prompted me to decide to want to start this blog.

Do not come to expect dishes this fancy on a regular basis! This was a fantastic date night, so I say go for it – just do some searches online to figure out what you are doing and then just have fun with some of your favorite sushi flavors!


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