Italian Inspiration

Rich called me the other day from work & asked if we could have bruschetta as an appetizer when he got home from work. Since I was home all day, making something to be ready as soon as he walked in the door wasn’t a problem. But then I realized that I needed to make Italian for dinner! It was one of those rainy days so off I went to FoodGawker to get inspired 🙂Bruschetta 1

After looking around online for a bunch of different recipes to try to find “the best” (even though I am not good at following a recipe, I always play too much with the “original” recipe & try to make it my own) – but I finally  decided on “Olive Garden’s Bruschetta” from Good Morning America ( The bruschetta was ready for Rich when he walked in the door & made it to the kitchen (after greeting the dogs first of course)!

Bruschetta 2

Bruschetta topped with cheese

Then I decided to get “adventurous” and found a fun recipe for Goat  Cheese stuffed Portabellas with tomatoes (again from the garden) and some bacon ( These ended up not being our favorite – but they did taste exactly like something we would get from a restaurant so they were not a let-down at all!

Portabella stuffed with tomato & goat cheese

Finally we were onto the main course. I picked up a bag of the frozen “mixed seafood” while I was at the market ($5 for the bag, not even on sale – I was pretty happy.) To create my Garlic Seafood Pasta I started with some butter & olive oil in the pan and then added an onion (1 small) and garlic (5? cloves – we love garlic). Then I put in some clam juice, chicken stock, & lemon juice. Once I had the flavor I wanted I threw in the (defrosted) seafood & let it all cook for about 5 minutes. Then I tossed in the cooked pasta (oh yeah – I started the pasta before I started my seafood stuff) & served it up. I thought it was great (Rich is not the biggest fan of seafood, but still really liked it).

Seafood Garlic Pasta

So –  that was my “Italian Inspiration” for that night, just wait to see what I did with the leftover goat cheese the next night……


One Comment to “Italian Inspiration”

  1. It all looks delicious!!
    My fav of these would be the Bruschetta topped with cheese =)

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