Dip or Spread – that is the question

I love dips! I love dips that are healthy even more! Last week we were invited to a Turkish (Muslim) retreat for Ramadan (the retreat is in the area & as part of Ramadan they are to open their hearts & homes to neighbors – it was a very interesting, educational, & tasty evening. Check out this news report about the evening (see me getting my food there too).

Before heading over to the dinner my parents came over to hang out & help us try to take a good photo with the dogs (coming soon). I decided to do some appetizer and wanted to make a really healthy spinach dip. After some searching I decided to invent the following “dip”

To make the dip:

Spinach "dip"

  • 1 package frozen/defrosted spinach
  • 1 can great northern (or chick pea or whatever) beans
  • 1/4 cup (no idea, I didn’t measure) sour cream
  • 2 – 3 cloves garlic (depending on your taste)
  • fresh basil, sat/pepper to taste
  • few drizzles olive oil

I just dumped all ingredients in the blender & blended until smooth.

We served this in a bread bowl (Rich makes a pretty good bread – and this was the other half of the dough from his amazing home-made pizza the night before, more on that another time!) with some fresh veggies for dipping. I served about 1/2 of it that night and the rest I had with lunch and some cut veggies at school and it didn’t last long! This makes a super healthy dip for veggies of spread on a sandwich. I also cannot wait to try this with fresh spinach & also as it gets cooler to try mixing some cheese in & broiling it to serve with bagel chips.

Healthy, Tasty, Hearty – good food combo!

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