Pizza, and I didn’t even have to make it!

As I was searching other blogs I came across this one & it had to make me laugh. I keep telling Rich he should start a blog of all the good stuff I cook for him (and his photos would just be of empty plates since I usually have to fight him off while I take a photo). He is a wedding photographer (who also is available for pregnancy photos, family photos, you name it – he/we do it!) and has helped my food-photo skills out so much this summer, continue to look for improvements from me. You should really check out his facebook page (where he posts his favorite few from each engagement shoot, wedding, or whatever we shoot) as well as taking a moment to visit his website! And if you like what you see & live in Eastern PA, New Jersey, New York, Delaware (ya know, a reasonable drive from the Poconos) go ahead and contact him for your next photography needs!

In addition to being a wonderful photographer, he makes absolutely amazing pizza! This was the first thing he ever cooked for me when we started dating (and now that I spoil him with my cooking so often, one of the few things he ever creates in the kitchen anymore!)

A few weeks ago I was really craving one of Rich’s pizzas and it took a week or two until we actually got around to having it……

Rich's homemade pizza (photo by Rich)

Day 1 he made the dough (I think: yeast, water, sugar, flour, salt – its just your basic dough recipe… but I have never been one to experiment with breads… maybe one day!?) and then put it in the fridge during the next day. Day 2 we  made sauce (a can of crushed or diced tomatoes with 3 [or so] cloves of garlic diced up) he spreads the dough (to make 2 pies) into a greased cookie sheet, spread the dough onto the sheet, added sauce, placed ripped (easier than slicing) mozzarella cheese on top (whatever toppings you want are optional at this point, we usually stick to plain or add some fresh tomatoes/garlic on top). That bakes for about 15 minutes in a 400 degree oven (he does it by look & smell more than time usually). Then some fresh basil on top, slide the whole thing to the wooden cutting board & eat before it is cool enough to not burn the roof of your mouth!


One Comment to “Pizza, and I didn’t even have to make it!”

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog and giving us a shout out!

    Your pizza looks delicious. I can tell you have a professional photographer handy – I have found pizza to be the most difficult thing to photograph well

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