Cupcake Cone Cupcakes

Last week we had my “2nd annual pumpkin carving party“. I knew I wanted to make some sort of fun dessert (and was going to try “cake pops” but then realized I needed a creative way to serve/display them). Finally I realized that I have wanted to try “Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes) for a while! After finding numerous different recipes online, I used this one from All Recipes as a basic kinda-sort-ish guide!

ready (very full) for the oven

A few places I read that you should make these cupcakes like normal cupcakes but before putting them in the oven that you put the cone upside down on top of it. I wanted filled cones (the cones were never my favorite part of ice cream – so I didn’t want them to just be a handle). There were many places that I found where they filled the cones – but warned about overfilling. For the record – filling them to the part of the cone where it gets really wide at the top is probably a bit too much! There will also be enough from one cake mix box to make 24 cones (I made the rest in a mini-loaf pan & we snacked on it!!)

Once I filled up the cones I put them in the oven for the “cupcake” time on the box – that ended up being way too little. I think (when I kept adding a minute or 2 – I lost track of time) I ended up cooking them for about 8 minutes more than the cupcake time – just keep experimenting! As you can see – I ended up with some nice overflow (but if you notice – the method of covering your mini cupcake pan with foil & cutting an “X” in the openings really does work and make for easy clean-up and non-tipping cones!) but that overflow was the perfect time to taste-test!

Overflowing with love

The next day I opened the jar of frosting (sorry – I was doing everything else from scratch, just didn’t feel like making icing either!) & tried to use the cake decorating plunger thing Rich got me for my birthday. Some turned out more ok than others, but after talking to the baking expert from my school (she wins contests like crazy – it is always a GREAT day at school when Deb brings in a treat) – I was told that I should try to use a pastry bag, she finds it easier than the plunger thing. I will let you know how that goes in the next week or so as I am going to be a good friend to my band teacher & make her the cupcakes she requested (yes, I know you are probably reading this Jolene & yes, I will bring in cupcakes for your birthday on Friday!).

Cupcake Cones

Once I put on some orange sprinkles (which I could not find ANYWHERE in the Mr. Z’s, but luckily the nice woman at the bakery gave me some), candy corn, & spiders we were beautifully in business. Overall – I was quite happy. These would be a hit at any kids party (no – make that any party) because they are easy to eat – a good serving size and just so darn cute when served (I was lazy by dessert and just served it up in those muffin pans!!)


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