World of Opera – meet Adrian Rosas!

Disclaimer: this is not a blog post about food!

My dear friend Adrian Rosas has an amazing voice, started his career in college as a Jazz singer & then turned to Opera when people encouraged him to pursue that avenue. When Adrian first went into Opera I had no experience with it (at least not anything positive). As time went on and I actually heard him sing – my views changed. Adrian just finished his Masters Degree from Julliard. While he was there I not only had the opportunity to visit him again but also watch Adrian and his fellow classmates rehearse for their Opera: The Marriage of Figgaro. I found a new appreciation for Opera (even if I don’t understand what is going on at all time!).

Adrian rehearsing for Viva la Mamma, photo by Alan Alabastro

Recently Adrian came as a guest teacher (after driving 1/2 way across the country on his way home from his summer at the St. Louis Opera) to a drama camp I was assisting. The way he was able to pull things out of these students in just a few short hours – I was blown away.

So read this blog post about this up & coming Opera super-star as he is starting his career in the Young Artist Program with the Seattle Opera Company.

Congrats Adrian – I am so happy to be able to call you a friend & remember that you promised me you would get jobs in cool places around the world so I can come visit you. Thank you for blessing those around you with your talent, kindness & energy for life!


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