Loaded Potato & Beer Soup

A few weeks ago we had a “quiet” day planned for Rich to study for his GMAT exam  (he ended up scoring in the 75% percentile – more on that later) and my parents were going to join us to see the High School production of Robin Hood for which I did the props. I wanted to cook something yummy while Rich studied and wanted to start with potato & bacon…. settled on inventing my own “beer cheese soup”.

As the day went on I kept tasting & adding and inventing (also deciding we needed to have biscuits to go along with it). Well, in the long run – we had a large pot of soup, called my folks to come over, and decided that I had made what ended up being one of the most amazing “Loaded Baked Potato Soups” ever!

Loaded Baked Potato & Cheesy-Beer Soup


I started off my cutting up a whole package of bacon into about 1″ pieces & throwing the whole thing into the pot (high sided pan – whatever) & cooking that down 90% of the way. Then I drained off all the fat & put the bacon aside. I then added 2 chopped onions & 4 chopped potatoes. To that pan went (5??) cloves of garlic, a bottle of beer (Sam Adams dark something) and some chicken stock. (I don’t make my own chicken stock – but hate storing so many cans since I use it all the time – so I am a big fan of the dry bullion powder & then just pouring water right from my tea pot & having the stock make itself in the pot.) Pepper and spices went as the day went on, at some point I chopped 2 chicken breasts into small bite-sized pieces and cooking that in a separate pan (with some bacon for flavor) before throwing that in the soup. About 15 minutes before serving I added some milk & about 8 oz of cheddar/monterey jack cheeses. Top the whole thing off with some scallions & a little more cheese & perfect!

soup & biscuit

(Sorry for the really “cruddy” directions – I spent way to just time cooking the way I often do with “a little of this” and “a little of that” that I did not really pay that close of attention. The above directions/recipe should get you close if you want to give it a shot. This is one of those things that you just have to taste & play it by ear.)

My Soup Theory…

You can’t go wrong when making soup! And if you think you went wrong, it just means that you are changing directions!


2 Comments to “Loaded Potato & Beer Soup”

  1. This looks delicious. I like the idea of adding the beer for a different flavor. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Nice Writeup…. 🙂 i like this..Some techniques could come in handy.
    I agree with everything you posted in this entry, I’m a loyal reader so please keep updating so often!
    Scarves Scarves

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