Lehigh acceptance!

Rich LOVES cookie dough…Cookie Dough

I found this out when we first started dating & it just so happens my mom brought me up to be an expert at reading the back of the Nestle’s chocolate chip bags in order to create the best chocolate chip cookies (and dough) that one can make. There are lots of debates about cookies & cookie dough [and my mom’s are awesome, and she learned from “Aunt Jean”] – but I really think that Nestle has this one right and its one of those “don’t mess with a good thing” (although I do 50/50 on butter/shortening because I feel you get the best crunchy/chewy ratio that way.

SO – when we found out that Rich not only got a great score on his GMAT, but that also got accepted into the Lehigh MBA program I knew it was time to celebrate!

Veggie LasagnaI started the evening off by making him veggie lasagna (bottom layer mushrooms & garlic, middle layer frozen spinach, top layer onions). This is one of those “recipes” that I don’t follow to a “T” (or at all – you take your basic lasagna that you grew up with/love & roll with it) which is frustrating fun when it comes out different every time I make it!

I promised him some cookie dough to celebrate his acceptance (I plan on trying to figure out some new fun ways to make cookie dough. Hopefully we have a lifetime of experimentation to figure out lots of fun new ways to make this treat for him 😉

Lehigh Cookie Dough

Congratulations to Rich on his acceptance & may this just be one more step for you on the way to all your dreams falling into place!

Always remember [my advice that I am giving out free of charge – just for today]: Life hands us many twists and turns & we need to hold onto all those happy times to get you through the sad ones!!


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