May-Day… SOS

“Houston – we have a problem”

“Its the end of the world as I know it (and I [don’t] feel fine)”

… Just a few of the phases that went through my head Thursday night when after about 20 minutes of making cookies and preheating the oven and then the oven not being warm at all! Rich proceeded to take apart the whole oven and found out that the igniter- glow bar thing is DEAD! No one has one in stock – we will have to order it (or take donations for a new oven!?) and and I am out of oven commission for a while (thanks Mom & Dad for letting me use your oven to bake this weekend).

Anything posted for the next few days has either (A) already been cooked, (B) was cooked at my parents [thanks again mom/dad and you know that I do share], or (C) didn’t need the oven!

“I’m a surviver – I’m not gonna give up – I’m not gonna stop – I’m gonna work harder – I’m a survivor – I’m gonna make it – I will survive – Keep on Surviving!”


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