Jello shots – grown up

I found the Jelly Shot Kitchen & Food Librarian weeks ago and vowed that I wanted to figure out some fun ways to make “grown-up jello”. Now, we have all had Jell-o shots (unless you are one of my students OR friends under 21 who are reading my blog – then I know hope that you have just had regular jello!) I decided that instead of making those gooey pieces of Jello that are so hard to get out of their cup, that I had to figure out how to make JIGGLER versions of Jello!

After much (much, much, much) discussion I decided I was going to make “Chocolate Covered Strawberry Grown Up Jello” and then really go out on a whim & try to make “Beer Jigglers” for New Years! I was quite concerned about how well these were going to set up, so I did them in containers so that in case of failure, we would still be ok 🙂

Beer Jigglers – consistency was awesome, but the flavor was a bit off. I think next time I will use a bit of honey to bring out more of the beer flavor since these almost tasted watered down a bit and could have been mistaken at times for a strange iced tea! SO, to make BEER JIGGLERS: combine 1 bottle beer and 2 packets of Knox gelatin. Then slowly heat this in a pot to fully activate the gelatin. Fill the mini-muffin liners (in your mini-muffin pan) with the beer jello. Once its solid (at LEAST 5 hours please – play it safe with this Jello, don’t rush it), peel them & turn upside down for your own version of Beer Jiggler Body Caps!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Jello – the taste of these were awesome. When I un-molded in, I think that I let it in the warm water for a bit too long since it ‘melted’ a bit on the outside. Overall, this was a success. To make your CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY JELLO take a package of Strawberry Jello & combine it with 3/4 cup boiling water. Once that is dissolved, pour in about a cup of Creme de Coco (chocolate liquor). Place into your desired serving vessel (I used a plastic bundt pan) and chill overnight. Turn out of your pan & slice (you can make this is chocolate molds or in a pan and slice or whatever you’d like to try).

EXPERIMENT & remember there is always room for Jello. Leave me some feedback here on my blog and let me know what you think, other good recipes I should try, or anything else!


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