‘Authentic’ Gumbo

I think that I am a little late for the whole Mardi Gras thing this year (didn’t miss Fat Tuesday though!) but I ended my Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras with some good ‘ole Gumbo. For Christmas this past year Rich’s whole family all got me cooking & food stuff – including his aunt/uncle who got me some Gumbo mix & other stuff while they were in New Orleans. I figured now was as good of a time as any to celebrate & enjoy some tasty gumbo!

Overall this was quite tasty (just follow the directions on the box) but I would have enjoyed a bit more of a kick (yeah for hot sauce for leftovers!) and was bummed that there was no okra (should have picked that up at the market). As I was looking for seafood at the market, I did notice that there are quite a few “just add water” or “defrost” or “add meat” gumbo mixes… so feel free to experiment without having to worry about getting lots of spices or veggies! To start the gumbo I browned up some sausage then sliced it thin & added that to the mix and finished it off with some peeled frozen shimp just before serving since they cook quick.

Super easy box mix that allowed me to say “its homemade” while still cooking two other dishes, cleaning, and not stressing out (remember – a box mix is not cheating, enjoy easier nights)!!


One Comment to “‘Authentic’ Gumbo”

  1. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Rach! I cry foul. This is a kit. We call all of our box foods “kits”. It might be great, taste great, and look great but it technically isn’t “home made”. It’s a kit.

    Having said that, it is probably one of the things within your blog that I will try!

    Keep them coming, though…

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