Bacon & Eggs

I love theatre!

I’ve been involved with shows since I was 10 and did “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown” as a 5th grader when I played Woodstock (then as high schoolers we met Kristen Chenoweth & the rest of the cast who looked through our photos, but that is off the topic.) In High School I was usually onstage, but did some student directing, stage crew, & props stuff as well. In college I earned a minor in [Children’s] Theatre and have continued to use my knowledge as the Property Mistress at Bangor Area School District (in addition to doing props & stage managing for quite a few community theatre shows in the area as well).

The only problem with being in charge of props is that at some times I need to be “artistic”… which is just one word that people would not choose to describe me (ask my former high school director who also happens to be like a second father to me AND an art teacher)! Luckily, I have lots of people who help me (even if those people aren’t my students who can’t be counted on to supply their own props, like phones – but once again… that is off topic!). My art teacher (a.k.a. “The Best Art Teacher at DeFranco”) is a great teachers because she has been able to teach me to be artistic!!

photo by Emily Robson

Our High School just got done doing Bye Bye Birdie & we needed food (but it didn’t actually need to be eaten). I could not justify spending big bucks on fake food & did not think until too late to ask the kids for their younger sibling’s play food! My wonderful art teacher had some plaster stuff (gauze with plaster powder) that when wet (and wrapped around oak tag) is amazing to craft with. A few quick lessons (and lots of encouragement from her & my students) and Eggs & Bacon were created. Painted using watercolors & ready to sit in my classroom now until I need a good prank (or the next show with breakfast food!)

I am quite proud of my artistic ability & that I was able to pull this off, especially since my students know that I am a computer technology teacher instead of an art teacher for many reasons!

I enjoy being crafty… which is why I love cooking so much – I get to “craft” tasty treats which hopefully look awesome, but if they don’t then you just eat them up quickly and enjoy the taste while forgetting the looks!

Get crafting & get cooking!


2 Responses to “Bacon & Eggs”

  1. You are just so very clever, creative & original !! We’re so lucky to have the one & only teacher by day/chef by night !! Keep up the good work !! Love !!


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