Foodgawker First!

*Happy Dance*

I FINALLY had a blog post accepted by Foodgawker! I have been taking photos for quite a while and thought that they were looking pretty good, even though my wonderfully talented NJ Wedding Photographer boyfriend kept telling me they were underexposed & not lit correctly. The cake from this past weekend was for his mother (even if said cake has not been enjoyed by her yet), so I told him he was in charge of all photographs… well, after this post, he might have just earned himself a new chore at home!

photo by Alborn Photography

Thanks to Rich & his amazing photos (of a beautiful, amazing cake) I have finally been accepted to Foodgawker!!! My first Foodgawker post (Chocolate Peanut Butter Celebration Cake) has had over 1,000 hits in the past 24 hours & I finally feel like a ‘real’ food blogger. I hope that all the readers that enjoyed my cake and its post will return. WELCOME – by the way!! But I hope that you like what you see and will come back again (as well as hopefully being directed here by more great photos posted on Foodgawker in the future).

my supportive family

Check out my (hopefully) ever-growing gallery on FoodGawker!


One Comment to “Foodgawker First!”

  1. Congratulations!!! Nice job, and! I gotta get E and his DSLR to work now, lol

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