Gourmet: I try, but Popcorn: apparently not!

Everyone is OK….

Smoke, School evacuation, cancelled fire calls, no snack – but everyone is ok!!

Lets set the scene… I finished my lunch but wanted a snack to reached into my drawer to get a snack-sized popcorn. Headed to the microwave & started it up.

Now everyone knows that when you make popcorn you need to hang out by the microwave to listen to the pops: so that is what I was doing. There was not even 1-second between pops when I saw smoke pouring out of the microwave. First reaction is to stop the microwave but the “open” button was the first one I hit (and then turned it off and quickly shut the door). We tried to contain the smoke and then were in the process of moving the whole smoke-box to a window to air out. There just so happened to be a smoke detector right above the microwave (which I guess is a good spot!)

So within moments the school’s Fire Alarm is going off and our school evacuates (luckily it is in the upper 60s and partly cloudy). I immedietly find our principal to let him know to cancel the Fire Department & that I just burnt popcorn. Everyone safely evacuates the building and our “drill” went exactly as planned. But now, I just get to hang my head in shame (and never live this down) because of my popcorn accident (guess I’ll have to buy some pre-popped stuff – yech).

Live & Learn… never too old to learn to make popcorn (although I still blame the microwave!)


2 Responses to “Gourmet: I try, but Popcorn: apparently not!”

  1. you need to blog about creative ways to make popcorn… The old fashioned way ~~ or creative new ways


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