Sweet 16 Candy Bouquet

What better gift for a Sweet 16 than a Sweet Bouquet!? 

We have all seen the beautiful edible arrangements that you can buy (or make those on your own too – I have done that too and actually featured one as my first post!). Although those are beautiful – they only last moments before someone digs into one!

Since my ‘baby sister” was having her Sweet 16, I wanted to make her something sweet (just like her, haha). I have seen really cool Candy Bouquets before & figured it really couldn’t be that hard! Check out the AWESOME arrangements at Sweet Celebrations by Stacey – I was inspired by her Sweet 16 Bouquets and will be visiting that site again to figure out how to make all sorts of bouquets in the future.

Just think of all the times a Candy Bouquet would be perfect: Baby Showers, Secretaries Day, Teacher Presents, Get Well Soon – whatever you want!

HOW TO: Just pick your recipient’s favorite candy (or whatever matches the color scheme) get a container, some flower foam (the more dense one), bbq skewers, hot glue gun, & some taffeta or cellophane, your creativity/sense of adventure and have fun – happy crafting!!

More Detailed Directions:

  • Hot Glue your sticks to the back of the candy (being sure to look at the direction and think about varying heights as you go
  • (tightly) Fit the flower foam into your container (make sure its a stable container since this will get top heavy, pick a wide base & you’ll be fine)
  • if you are using “grass” put that in before you start sticking in your candy
  • Now just start sticking, work from the front back (thinking of a big triangle, you want to almost have just a single one in the front and then 2 next, then 3, etc so you build a big pyramid.
  • Stick in your fillers for the empty space – I used taffeta this time, but think that a metallic cellophane would have worked better
  • Experiment, have fun, your friends will love you for it!

I would love to see what you have done (will do) – send me a link to your creation & lets get crafting!


5 Responses to “Sweet 16 Candy Bouquet”

  1. Simple and to the point instructions for making a candy bouquet 🙂 nice!

    Best Regards,
    The Candy Chef

    • thank you SO MUCH! I just was (drooling all over my computer) browsing your shop’s site – WOW, congratulations to you two! Your stuff looks amazing, and like you have so much fun! I will plan on trying to duplicate your ideas the next time I need to make a bouquet!! (And I feel like iI should schedule a visit to family in LA just to have an excuse to check out your shop!!!)

  2. Hi,

    Your style of presentation is very impressive. I would like to tweet on it and keep spying at every moment you blogging.


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