I LOVE Teaching!

I am so glad to be back in the classroom and see all of the excitement that my students have as we start this new school year. I’m completely re-energized as we start and see so much new potential with the year and the direction things are going in my building!

Starting this year we are one of less than 600 or something schools who are doing the “Leader in Me” program based on Steven Covey’ “7 Principles of Highly Effective People” but this is based on taking that approach (which I highly recommend to anyone to try, so amazing) with students. They seem to be really enjoying it & I’m loving it too!!

My students also inspire me to be the best that I am and always keep me on my toes. They make me proud and happy and all of that warm-fuzzy stuff!! I was telling them about me (did you know – teacher are real people too and we don’t sleep in our classroom!!?) and they were “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” over a few pictures that I showed them from my Teacher by Day – Chef by Night blog. It made me feel really proud of what I have done here. I also loved talking about my wonderful dogs, my love for my family (& adopted family/siblings), enjoyment of cooking/photography, theatre, skiing and all of that fun stuff. People always say to find what you love and then hopefully find someone to pay you to do it. That is what I feel with in my job – I love teaching and hope to always keep this energy


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