Olio & Aceto Tap Room

Shopping Local is good for everyone. Recently a great new Tap Room which samples infused Olive Oils & Balsamic as well as Seasoned Salts opened up in the area.

We went in for a tasting and wanted to share our afternoon with you…

The Olive Oils are all delicious and there is a full rangeĀ  of flavors which range from everything from Orange to Sun Dried Tomato & Garlic – you are sure to find something to suit your flavors.

All of the Balsamic Vinegars are better than anything that I have had before. There are plenty of flavors including lots of sweet ones to compliment all of your goodies.

In addition to all of the delicious Olive Oils and Balsamics there are all sorts of different Salts. They obviously taste like salt, but have great depths of flavor to them.

Like any good local shop, the helpful staff was ready with recipe suggestions that they had printed out or were ready to give suggestions that they have tried as well.

If you are near Stroudsburg, PA check out Olio & Aceto Tap Room. If you love in some other location, find a local shop where you can taste some quality foods.

Olio & Aceto Tap Room

So what types of things have you gone someplace to taste?

and now a question, what is your favorite recipes for Olive Oil or Balsamic – now that I have some new bottles to experiment with…

… all photos in this post were taken by my amazing taste tester who also happens to be a wonderful photographer, who is available for your local press photo needs in the Stroudsburg area. Rich is the CEE (Certified Executive Eater) here at Teacher-Chef and takes amazing photos for me almost every day.


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