Solving World Hunger with the Hunger Games

I’m sorry, I do not have the solution to World Hunger here.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but am pretty darn excited about The Hunger Games coming to theaters at the end of this month. I know that it is not going to be as good the book by Suzanne Collins (when are the movies ever as good as the book!?) but I am pretty excited!

In the Hunger Games the Capitol controls all food and uses food as a way to control its people. Because of that control by those in charge – food obviously plays a large part of the books. Over the next few weeks I will be featuring some recipes from The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook, so I hope you tune in to enjoy cooking your way through some of the highlights of the book.

Most people who are here reading this blog have the means to be able to feed themselves. Yes, times may be hard sometimes but we can find the way to make sure we are fed. Not all people have that luxury. One of my all-time-favorite websites is called Free Rice. The purpose of Free Rice (run by the World Food Programme, part of the United Nations) is to allow you to donate rice, 10 grains at a time, just by answering questions correctly. This is a win-win… you gain knowledge and help feed people around the world who do not have the luxuries that we do!

The World Food Programme and Feeding America saw the opportunity they had with The Hunger Games Movie and all three groups joined forces. Please join in with me in supporting these great organizations and donate a few of your precious dollars to help an organization that already helps so many others – lets “Team up Against Hunger

May the Odds be Ever in your Favor


7 Comments to “Solving World Hunger with the Hunger Games”

  1. I just started reading the Hunger Games because everyone I know was raving about it. I seriously couldn’t put it down last night…I had to force myself 😛 I even brought my Kindle to work so I could ready it and lunch. haha

  2. Yea Miss. Ring! I’m so excited!! Can’t wait for the delicious new recipes! The books were AMAZING and I also can’t wait to see the movie! 🙂

  3. Make sure to read the book before you go see the movie !!!

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