The Way to His Heart

Teacher by Day – Chef by Night has found herself a permanent job!

I will always have someone to cook for and will no longer just be the assistant at Alborn Photography, but an equal partner! Rich said to me “I looked at the menu of my life and decided that what I currently had in front of me was the best dish on the menu” – I love this man and am so looking forward to being his “Teacher by Day – Chef by Night for Life”

I have heard of Engagement Chicken before, but when I made the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake for Valentines Day, I jokingly said to Kelly that maybe this would be my “Engagement Cake” – well maybe it worked. SO, if you want to secure yourself a lifetime of happiness and cooking, make some of the supposed Engagement Chicken with Engagement Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake for dessert. Just make sure it is what you really want, because I know that he wasn’t kidding when he told me when we first started dating that “food was the way to his heart”!!

We are so excited and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

Our Happy Family

Here’s the video link to his proposal, which occurred at  end of Oklahoma at the High School I graduated from where the directors are my second parents & they have become a second family. Both of our parents were there and he arranged the whole thing perfectly

And I leave you with this… Today’s Question of the Day – If you could have dreamed up a “perfect moment” in your life – what would it have been?

– my answer: I could not have imagined a more perfect proposal if I had tried!

13 Responses to “The Way to His Heart”

  1. MISS RING!!! That was so adorable!! I know I must’ve said this a million times, but congrats!!! (I liked that little spin you did) 🙂

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!! That is awesome! I love the idea that the CCCD cake is now “engagement cake.” 🙂 Thanks for letting me know – you made my day!

  3. Omg!!!! Rachel congratulations!!!! How amazing! So beautiful, I was tearing up watching the video. I’m so glad your precious moment was captured on camera and could be shared with so many people who love you guys. Congrats again!!!

  4. That might be the cutest proposal I’ve seen in ages . . . and I like how the orchestra kicked in with “People Will Say We’re in Love” . . . Congrats!

  5. A great cook & a great eater = two fantastic people !!!

  6. Congratulations!!! This is super sweet. The ring (and photos of it) are just gorgeous. And you are so lucky to have the whole thing on tape!


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