Congratulations to Us

today, Teacher by Day – Chef by Night hit 100,000 lifetime views

We could not have done it without you (seriously – you are the one who is clicking on the page & reading all of the stuff I post here)!

I wish that I could personally thank that person & send you some cookies or something, but I have no idea who you are – no cookies, sorry! So in honor of this 100,000th hit, maybe I will have to run a give-away or something in the near future, I’m pretty excited (hope you are too).

It’s been crazy around here with launching our new website for the two coolest Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers that I know, while also searching for a Venue AND a Photographer that we both love.

I love cooking and will never stop (that is why Rich is marrying me, remember), but I do apologize for our lack of posts this past month. I promise that I (we) will be better about this and will try to more consistent (since obviously there are at least a few people out there interested in what I have say!

THANKS FOR READING… and a question for all of you “foodies” out there – what awesome/amazing things that I would not normally necessarily buy for myself should we put on our registry (or small goofy things) – or whatever – we want fun things to fill our house and kitchen as we enter this next stage of our blogging, photography life together!

… oh yeah, the last post (you know – those Individual Oreo Cheesecakes) – was my 200th post



7 Comments to “100,000 views”

  1. It was me! 🙂

  2. Clearly, you need to register for a Zoku.

    • I love every one of those pops you make (and am currently using my mom’s Tupperware pops she bought almost 30 years ago when she was selling Tupperware and made pops for me all the time) – so that is a very good suggestion!! 🙂

  3. Very proud of You rach! You have some amazing talent!

    • THANKS Jennine – this comment totally made me smile, I love working on this blog and the fact that you actually enjoy reading it makes it not just a fun challenge for me but also a rewarding feeling to know I make others happy!!

  4. So glad I logged on to print the oreo cheesecakes… even I think I can bake them (and you know about my lack of baking skills). So happy about the 100,000 posts – the blog is terrific!!!

    • Thanks Aunt Pat – guess all those years of being “Cookie” rubbed off and that is what helped my “cooking” abilities. And you can totally make the cheesecakes, simple & tasty!!

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