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July 19, 2012


attention teacher-chef blog followers… I have moved to self-hosting.

If you are a subscriber, that means that you will have to visit the website & re-subscribe again (for my e-mail readers… I will be manually entering each of your e-mail addresses again so when you get an e-mail asking to confirm your subscription that is me re-entering you into the system, so please accept it).

If you are a follower – you are going to need to enter your e-mail address on to get e-mail updates (and everyone should like me on Facebook to keep up to date with everything!)

thanks for hanging in there with me through this change!

June 2, 2012

Student Leaders, Student Baker = AWESOME students!


I have said it before, and I will say it again… my students rock!!

I started the year with a post about my job and how much I love what I do – so as the 2011-2012 school year draws to a close, I would like to recap my school year

  1. We became a Leader in Me School (great does happen at DeFranco Elementary)
  2. “Coupon Cora” was written about in the New York Times
  3. We collected thousands of cans to help those in need in our community (2 years in a row we have filled our stage with cans to support our own friends and neighbors, my kids rock)
  4. Our school belongs to our students: I love how each day starts/ends by being led by a 5th or 6th grader!
  5. Wedance dared” our Principal (we love him & are lucky to have him)
  6. Terracycle Tuesdays became a tradition – we love recycling!
  7. In our first year as a Leader in Me School we hosted an amazing Leadership Day to showcase our students and their strengths/talents.

Our Leadership Day, which occurred in the end of April, welcomed over 500 community members. All of our visitors (and even some from other schools) toured our school (with student tour guides), visited classrooms to learn about the 7-Habits (led by students), visited stations where students talked about how they were leaders in different activities, and even tasted foods cooked by our student leaders!

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April 29, 2012


Congratulations to Us

today, Teacher by Day – Chef by Night hit 100,000 lifetime views

We could not have done it without you (seriously – you are the one who is clicking on the page & reading all of the stuff I post here)!

I wish that I could personally thank that person & send you some cookies or something, but I have no idea who you are – no cookies, sorry! So in honor of this 100,000th hit, maybe I will have to run a give-away or something in the near future, I’m pretty excited (hope you are too).

It’s been crazy around here with launching our new website for the two coolest Pennsylvania Wedding Photographers that I know, while also searching for a Venue AND a Photographer that we both love.

I love cooking and will never stop (that is why Rich is marrying me, remember), but I do apologize for our lack of posts this past month. I promise that I (we) will be better about this and will try to more consistent (since obviously there are at least a few people out there interested in what I have say!

THANKS FOR READING… and a question for all of you “foodies” out there – what awesome/amazing things that I would not normally necessarily buy for myself should we put on our registry (or small goofy things) – or whatever – we want fun things to fill our house and kitchen as we enter this next stage of our blogging, photography life together!

… oh yeah, the last post (you know – those Individual Oreo Cheesecakes) – was my 200th post


April 5, 2012

The Way to His Heart

Teacher by Day – Chef by Night has found herself a permanent job!

I will always have someone to cook for and will no longer just be the assistant at Alborn Photography, but an equal partner! Rich said to me “I looked at the menu of my life and decided that what I currently had in front of me was the best dish on the menu” – I love this man and am so looking forward to being his “Teacher by Day – Chef by Night for Life”

I have heard of Engagement Chicken before, but when I made the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake for Valentines Day, I jokingly said to Kelly that maybe this would be my “Engagement Cake” – well maybe it worked. SO, if you want to secure yourself a lifetime of happiness and cooking, make some of the supposed Engagement Chicken with Engagement Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake for dessert. Just make sure it is what you really want, because I know that he wasn’t kidding when he told me when we first started dating that “food was the way to his heart”!!

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March 21, 2012

I love my Job & Ellen’s Dance Dare

I Love My Job

Yes, ok – there are times every day when I am frustrated and want to cry or scream but at the end of the day when I stop and think about what happened that day, it is usually a positive that ends up winning over the negative(s)!
My students are supportive of each other & love to have fun. They are extremely giving and strive to help their community. They are brave and not afraid to stand up for themselves or what they believe in.*
Ellen Degeneres is currently daring people to go up behind another person and dance without them knowing it. One of my co-workers heard this dare and decided to take it a step further and have one of our students dance behind our principal while he was talking during our daily Morning Meeting that we start the day off with. This teacher told all of the other teachers who then warned their students (the day before) what was going to happen so that the kids ignored the student dancing behind our amazing principal. You just need to see this to believe it…
 and that summarizes why I love my job – I have an amazing boss, great co-workers, and fun students!
* yes, every child is different and I know there are exceptions to each one of these statements – but I am making generalizations here!
I am grateful for each of my students and the lessons they teach me every day as I teach them. Sometimes they teach me patience, other times they teach me when to use commas or spell things – but I love them in their own individual ways!
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