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May 15, 2012

Pear Ginger Cake (with Whipped Cream Frosting)

Birthdays are a reason for Celebrating.

My Grandmother recently celebrated a birthday and Rich and I decided to surprise her. She knew that my Wonderful Parents would be joining her but that My Love and I had “too many other things going on” to join her. There is a truth to that but little did she know that part of our busy weekend was us driving 2 hours to surprise her at dinner. My parents showed up earlier in the day, with this cake in tow, and then a few hours later when they went out to dinner… low & behold we were waiting there for them!

Celebrating her birthday was a great day and the shock on my Grandmother’s face was priceless!

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June 3, 2011


That’s it – simple, easy, pure – BUTTER


We all use butter as an ingredient but how many of you have ever made it.

Wait – what, you have never made butter!? It’s ok – don’t feel bad.

It is so easy that you will begin to make this whenever you really want to enjoy some butter!


I have mentioned Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm where I grew up working a few times before. Quiet Valley has a special place in my heart and my taste buds. I first experienced “real” butter at the farm (using real cream from fresh milk). Using an old-time churn (where you have a paddle you move up & down in a large crock or an egg-beater contraption with a lid) adds to the ‘mood’ of this dish, but making it at home in a jar (or even you mix-master) allows it to taste just as good! I could go on and on about making butter at the farm & the memories I have of different people too – but I’m sure most of you won’t be interested (if you are one of my QV peeps – I’m sure you know those memories and songs that I’m talking about).

So stop reading, get some cream, & enjoy some butter (if you really want to get adventurous – maybe even spread that fresh butter on some fresh bread)!!


  • Whole Whipping Cream OR Whole Milk from Cow
  • Salt

Place your Heavy Whipping Cream in a container (a spagetti sauce jar works perfectly for less than 1 cup of liquid Рthe more liquid you add the larger container you will need). Shake and Shake and Shake. You will first get whipped cream (at this point your arms will be really tired, get a friend or keep going) then it will start coming together. Share another minute or so and you have butter! What is left (milk) is actually pure, real,  buttermilk.

You want to “wash” the milk out of your butter. To do this you just scoop out your solid butter & add cold water and then just “smoosh” it around the bowl. Pour off the milky water & repeat until the water runs off clear. Get as much liquid out as possible and lightly (you can always add but can not take it out) salt the butter.

Place your finished butter in a container and store in the fridge (because that is what our modern feelings need to do – back in the day butter was salted much heavier and they would just leave it out and the salt preserved it) but be sure to take your butter out to soften to room temperature at least 30 minutes before using!

And I leave you with this old Dutch Proverb: “Eat butter first, and eat it last, and live till a hundred years be past.”

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